Monday, June 20, 2011

an overdue update

July 18th marked 7 months since Anna Lane was welcomed into our family. We have enjoyed watching her change and grow and seeing her sweet, God-given personality come out. She is a much different child than the one we picked up at the orphanage in December. The other 3 of us are changed as well and we are thankful for our little ray of sunshine.

Anna Lane is happy, full of life, and always wants to be in the middle of the fun. She loves music, clothes, shoes, and talking on the phone. She pretends to call people, not just her toy phones, but on a credit card, a spoon, a block- anything can be turned into a "phone". Mostly she calls her grandparents, but even calls my sister's dog! She brings us smiles and laughter every day. We are thankful that she is perfectly healthy, that her language skills are improving daily, and that she has no delays otherwise.

I recently read that when an adopted child comes home, she requires "parenting plus" and it's so true. Even an orphan without special needs has special needs. Anna Lane has needs that take time, energy, and prayer to address. She was shaped significantly by her first 2 years in the orphanage and though her basic physical necessities were taken care of, she didn't have love and didn't learn to trust. However, she is doing so well and we are amazed at her resiliency.

We are so proud of our Jack. After being an 'only' for 7 1/2 years, his world has been slightly shaken! Jack loves his sister dearly and he is her favorite person. He's been keeping busy this summer with sports camps, swim team, VBS, and fun with friends. In May, he and I enjoyed a mother/son trip to Atlanta for a baseball game and some fun at the GA Aquarium, Coke museum, and then he struggled through my shopping trip at Ikea :) Soon, he will turn 8 and begin the 2nd grade. It is true that the days may often seem to crawl by, but the years fly!

Here are a few pics...
Jack at a swim meet

Princess Anna Lane defending her castle

Family pic
Sweet :)
Loovvves the water!

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  1. I so enjoyed reading this post and looking at these sweet pictures! Love all 4 of you!